FastForward strengthens its international leadership with a new subsidiary in Brazil.

July 20, 2023

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We are pleased to announce the opening of FastForward’s subsidiary in Brazil, a significant milestone in our agency’s international expansion. This new branch will allow Brazilian companies to streamline and simplify the product registration process for export to the United States.

FastForward has long been recognized as a leader in product regulation compliance. With the opening of our subsidiary in Santo Cristo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, we are further strengthening our presence and service capacity in the international market.

This strategic expansion will provide numerous benefits to both Brazilian companies and American consumers. Companies in the region will be able to leverage local presence to more efficiently manage registration processes and compliance with FDA requirements. In turn, American consumers will benefit from access to a greater variety of high-quality products from Brazil.

We are pleased to highlight that Gerson Lauermann, a highly qualified professional, will join the team as the Branch Manager for Brazil. Gerson is an accountant, professor, and specialist in Foreign Trade, with a permanent presence in international entities such as FEBAP – Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay Economic Federation.

Gerson Lauermann, Branch Manager of FastForward Brazil.

Full Interview with Gerson:

Question: What does the opening of this FastForward subsidiary in Brazil mean for companies in the region?

It is an opportunity for Brazilian manufacturers to advance into an important and growing consumer market while meeting all legal requirements.

What are the key benefits that companies will gain by working with FastForward’s subsidiary in Brazil?

Agility, clarity in investments, and continuous support in the registration processes for the USA.

What can companies expect when collaborating with FastForward’s subsidiary in Brazil?

Compliance and guidance on the necessary requirements for a safe entry into the US market, ensuring adherence to all mandatory regulations for product shipment.

What is your vision for FastForward’s subsidiary in Brazil?

A local gateway to the US market, acting with agility, clarity, and objectivity, providing guidance on commercial aspects and market feasibility.

How to get in touch with FastForward Brazil?

Through the FastForward Brazil website, the Regional Trade page, email, WhatsApp, or in person at our offices in Brazil.

Schedule a call with our office in Brazil.

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